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What Is A Garage Door Cable?

A garage door cable is a long metal cable that runs from the opener at the top of the garage to the opener at the bottom. The cable attaches to two triangles at either end and helps to lift and lower the garage door. If you notice problems with your garage door, there are a few things that you can do on your own. A qualified technician can fix most issues with garage door cables. If you cannot get your garage door to open or close properly, you must call a qualified technician as soon as possible. A malfunctioning garage door cable could be the cause of your problem.

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How Do Garage Door Cables Work?

The cable system pulls on the opener rod when you open your garage door. This pushes down on the lift arm, which raises the garage door. The cable also connects to a trolley at the bottom of the door. If there is a problem with one of these parts, it can cause your garage door not to close or operate smoothly.

There are three main types of garage door cables: spring tension cables, torsion cables, and hydraulic cylinders. Spring tension cables use a spring to push against the opener rod. Torsion cables use twisted wire around a central shaft. Hydraulic cylinders use pressurized fluid to move the opener rod up and down.

If your cable system is failing, you might notice one or more of these problems: your garage door won’t open all the way; it takes longer than usual to open or close your garage door.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Broken Garage Door Cable?

Garage door cables can become brittle and break, causing the door to malfunction or not open. When you notice any of the following symptoms, it’s time to take your garage door into service:

-The garage door will not go up or down

-The cables make a “clicking” noise when pulled

-The cable feels loose or broken when touched

How Can You Fix A Garage Door Cable?

If you have a garage door that doesn’t open or closes slowly, there’s a good chance your cable is the problem. Follow these steps to fix it yourself:

1. Check the tension on the cable. Use a scale to measure the weight at each cable’s end and ensure they’re both equal. If one end is heavier, the cable may be twisted or kinked. Straighten out any kinks with a wire brush or pliers.

2. Test the garage door by lifting it with the remote and putting it back down. Check for broken wires near the gate if it still doesn’t work. Bent or kinked wires can cause interference with the opener, so replace them if necessary.

3. Reinstall the spring clips if they’re torn or missing. Push them into place until they snap into place. Make sure they’re fully seated before tightening the screws in the back.

4. Test the garage door again, and you’re ready!

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